The Blue Ape Rap


Our story takes place on a dark and stormy night;
emotions are many, but dominant is fright;
life choices seemingly so black and so white;
yet on this adventure, fears wrong or are they right?

Allow me to confirm here the origin of my fear;
giving rise to a tear from the sights I might see or the sounds I might hear;
all from those words the old man made clear:
Never touch the Blue Ape!  Never touch the Blue Ape!  Never touch the Blue Ape!

Thinking uh, for sure, sir; to you I demur, sir;
prefer to concur than allow temptation to lure;
those five words, certainly not obscure;
won’t touch the blue fur, sir;
rather sit in a saddle with a burr, sir!

But would I touch the Blue Ape?  This temptation too great to escape?!
my fate, tied to that blue primate, standing at curiosity’s gate;
is it too late?  will I be his bait?

Temptation to join the Blue Nation, a wondrous creation;
feeling such elation; but then have the revelation that my motivation seeking adoration, adulation may result in lamentation;
or even a fiery conflagration if I provoke his indignation!

Oh, those five words that make the hair bristle on my neck’s nape;
bristle on the nape; don’t feel like I’m wearing my superman cape;
fear setting in, my mind starts to spin;
danger lurking within; still I’m ready to begin!

Because … whoa, oh oh; whoa, oh oh, I’m not gonna miss my Ape! 
No, I’m not gonna miss my Ape!

Will my mouth will be agape when I see The Blue Ape?
when I look into his eyes; see the size of his thighs;
my resolve compromised? but, NO, I’m not gonna miss my Ape! 

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One of Billy's secret talents is writing raps! Get into the cadence of this rap—really more for the adults than the children—by thinking in terms of Dr. Seuss and the Broadway musical sensation, Hamilton.  Just have fun and expose young ones to another literary genre that can spark additional creativity in storytelling.