What People Are Saying About The Blue Ape

Thank you for sharing this! It is an engaging heart-pounding story :) Our students would certainly enjoy it! The illustrations brought the story to life!
— Mrs. Vickie Carpenter, Assistant Superintendent // Perry Township Schools

The Blue Ape was a big hit at the Doehrmann house. My son, who will be a HS junior next week loved as did I. Delightfully clever. Appreciate your sharing it with me.
— Derek Doehrmann, Language Arts Department Chair // Speedway High School

The Blue Ape brings the pastime of storytelling into the 21st century with wonderful, real world lessons and connections! Any age will enjoy this fun and relevant story!
— Nicole Swisher, 5th Grade Teacher

The Blue Ape is a fun and exciting book for all ages! The plot had me guessing what would happen to the character Billy until the very end. I would definitely recommend this book to teachers and families!
— Mita Sanghvi, Master Teacher // Douglas MacArthur Kindergarten Academy // Rosa Parks Kindergarten Academy

I am confident kids of all ages will love the suspense in this story. As a teacher, I appreciate the ‘Blue Ape’ glossary and learning corner with guided questions to get kids thinking more deeply. I can think of many reading skills and strategies that would apply, too. There are so many ways to use this as a mentor text in writing! I can’t wait to use it in my classroom!
— Jill Voris, 4th grade teacher // Rosa Parks Elementary

The craft of storytelling is evident throughout this book. Teachers of all ages will love using it to jumpstart writing lessons for all traits!
— Kerri Carter, 1st grade teacher // Douglas MacArthur Elementary
I had the chance to sit this morning and take in The Blue Ape. I sat with Jack’s 4-year-old brother Sebastian and read aloud. What a DELIGHTFUL experience we had reading together! The story was just the right balance of thrilling and scary for “Sebe.” He was nervous, but kept wanting to go forward. The tension built and had such a playful release. Truly terrific for him.

I also really appreciated the layers of moral conflict and metaphor! I kept unpacking it for myself, and starting appreciating what you created more and more.
— John Armstrong, Co-founder and C.O.O. of Pigasus Pictures

Oh my gosh, that book was awesome. I literally laughed out loud when I got to the end. So great, we will definitely be reading this as part of one of our Rookie Read stories this year!
— Kelli Towles, Indiana Pacers Director of Community Relations

With so many youth books on the market, we choose to publish those that are multidimensional and highly creative. The Blue Ape meets this challenge with dynamic impactful artwork and a theme boldly conveyed through suspenseful storytelling and a clever rap. Kids, parents and teachers will benefit from The Blue Ape’s educational elements including teachable concepts, mind exploration through feelings and emotions, and a glossary of strong vocabulary. IBJBP envisions success and invites all ages to take The Blue Ape journey.
— Patricia Keiffner, Publisher // IBJ Book Publishing